More revenue
through performance

Mehr Umsatz durch Performance
  • You own a website with interesting content?
  • You operate a gaming portal with many users?
  • You generate lots of traffic and would like to earn money
    from advertising?

Then take advantage of the opportunities adtriplex provides and earn more money with your website. Our industry experts know your branch and will help you make the most of your traffic via affiliate marketing.

Become an affiliate!

Earn money with adtriplex

For the first time, we will make your advertising revenue directly related to your actual advertising performance. With adtriplex, earning money with your website is as easy as never before. Our concept is simple and successful: we’ll show you how it works.

  1. Chart Click me!

    By clicking on one of your adverts a visitor is lead to the website of the respective online merchant’s shop. adtriplex registers the click on your advert, allocates this action to you and notifies the merchant about it.

  2. Chart Buy me!

    If a visitor buys a product from the merchant’s shop, you earn a commission. Depending on the merchant, if the visitor changes his mind and leaves, you may still receive your commission provided the visitor returns and purchases something up to 60 days later.

  3. Chart Pay me!

    The merchant notifies adtriplex immediately after the successful sale of a product. We verify the sale and credit the commission to your account.

Sounds good? It is! Finally you will take a share in the revenue generated from visitors to your site. And proportionally to boot. It gets even better:
as an affiliate, the use of adtriplex is completely free of cost and risk.

Become an affiliate