One concept.
Many possibilities.

Ein Konzept, viele Möglichkeiten

adtriplex offers you many opportunities
to earn money, but the way this happens is
always the same. The more users purchase via
your advertising links, the higher your advertising revenues are.

The following models are particularly well-suited for affiliate marketing:

  • SEO Pages
  • SEM Publishers
  • Search Engines
  • Cashback and coupon portals
  • Forums & Communities
  • News sites
  • Price comparison sites
  • Newsletter marketing

Providing interesting content

By publishing interesting content you attract many users to your website, thus earning more money through advertising

Search engine and social marketing

Many search engine providers and social communities offer a way to target your ads. Easily book advertising space and place your ads with advertising links from adtriplex.

Email marketing

By sending out newsletters to your customers you make targeted offers to them. As usual with adtriplex you earn your share in sales generated this way.

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