Affiliate Marketing.
How it works.

So geht Affiliate Marketing

adtriplex‘ concept is not a new one,
but rather a proven one: everyone wins.
adriplex introduces the performance factor to the
advertising world and equally provides both affiliates and merchants with fair and risk-free revenue. The affiliate publishes the merchant’s advertisement, for example on his website, and in return receives a commission for each sale generated via his website. Beyond that our extensive statistics enable both sides to continuously optimize their revenue.

Our concept is simple and simple is fair. And this is how it works:


The ad: The be-all and end-all of success

A click on an affiliate’s ad leads the visitor to the merchant’s website. adtriplex registers this process and allocates the customer to the respective affiliate.


Interesting offers: and the customer purchases

After being forwarded the user finds himself in the merchant’s online shop and learns more about the products on offer. An interesting product or deal leads the customer to purchase.


Merchant and Affiliate: everyone wins

Everyone profits from a successful sale. The merchant sells his product, the affiliate earns his commission.