Higher turnover
and reach. Without risk.


As a merchant with adtriplex you benefit from a
model for success in e-Commerce that has proven itself for years:
affiliate marketing.
You provide advertising material for your products, without risk, to a large
number of website owners. Each registered website owner can
then advertise your products on his or her site. That makes it easy for you to reach your target audience.
And the best thing about it? It costs you nothing.

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As good as it gets.

With adtriplex the cost of your advertisement is not based on CPM or run duration, it is performance based. Costs are only incurred when you actually sell a product. This way you minimize advertising risk and increase your ROI. Additionally, you encourage the affiliate to optimally position and target your products. You decide how much a sale is worth.


Know where the money is.

One of the big advantages of affiliate marketing through adtriplex is transparency. Our statistics allow you see which of your advertising media is appealing to customers and how much revenue they are generating at all times.


Support from experienced marketing experts

adtriplex doesn't let anyone down. Regardless whether a website owner or advertiser, anyone earning money with adtriplex deserves professional support. Our experienced affiliate marketing experts provide you with all the help and advice you'll need.

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